Dear Friend,

My name is Jonathan Isaac and I am a rookie for the Orlando Magic. More importantly I am a believer in Jesus Christ! I need this to be known because it is the only reason I do what I do, and the only reason I wake up wanting to love on others. I wouldn’t be comfortable with you even partly considering this organization on my behalf, and not knowing that simple truth about me! I was raised by a beautiful and extremely hard working mother of six. I am very proud to be in the position I am today because I know where I came from, and what had to be done by me and others in support of my dream. I am passionate about using my platform to create positive changes in the communities around me, but also the communities around the world.

With that being said I am beyond proud to share that I have become the newest partner/advocate for…Project Life! Through my time with this organization, I’ve completely fallen in love with their initiative, their selflessness, and their unwavering desire to love others as they love themselves. Project Life is a non-profit organization, and through their event called the Global Food Festival, have provided various supplies that are in need and matter most to communities both local and abroad! The Global Festival is 100% FREE and has been executed throughout the country and abroad in areas and communities that are considered impoverished, low- income, natural disaster infrastructure affected, and/or in high need.  The Project Life organization provides various resources such as food, clothing, school supplies, baby supplies, and literally any resource that they can get their hands on that meet the needs of that specific destination! People that attend The Global Food Festival are fed, clothed, and loved on all while enjoying a concert feel with live music, performances, and festivities! Project Life aims to meet needs but also provide a joy filled day with an uplifting atmosphere that may not be prevalent without them. It is truly a sight to see!